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Thread: Had breast augmentation, trying to increase milk supply

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    Default Had breast augmentation, trying to increase milk supply

    Hi ladies. I have some questions and hopefully can get some ladies with similar issues to respond or some info. I have had breast augmentation about 9 years ago using the TUBA method (through the belly button) and had the implants placed on top of the muscle. I heard that it could cause a problem later on to breastfeed, but i also heard that many moms breastfeed succesfully.

    Well, my baby is almost 1 month old and i have been breastfeeding and supplementing due to low milk supply. I have been consulting with a LC, but feel that i need some more feedback on this from ladies that have experienced it or know more. I have been trying to build up my milk supply to see if it will. I have even been taking Reglan and taking Fenugreek pills (9 pills a day), oatmeal in the morning, pumping about 2 times a day (getting about 1/2 oz to 1.5oz each time). Sorry so long, but can anyone provide some type of help or advice? I have been struggling with my newborn, she lately has been fussy at the breast and i'm afraid she will totally reject it. I know she is getting some milk, but its been so stressful and challenging. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Had breast augmentation, trying to increase milk supply

    I am sorry you are struggling with supply and meeting dd's needs.

    This sounds like you may want to try to work with someone in person if possible. You can certainly check out the FAQ's and articles posted above. But if you have been working with an IBCLC then she should have already given you lots of info.

    I hope some other moms who have experienced this will chime in.

    Hang in there! What you are doing for dd is great and any BM she can get is wonderful! You are a great mom for trying so hard!

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