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Thread: Vasospasm.....Help!

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    Hi Everyone,

    One of my breasts has that annoying, stinging/burning pain after breastfeeding. I bf my son the first two weeks of his life, then stopped (exclusively pumped) due to mastitis, and now I am trying again to bf for all feedings.

    He feeds well on both sides but this pain on my right nipple that goes into my breast is so difficult. He seems to be latched great, what am I doing wrong? Is this pain from nerve damage from the beginning maybe? It is white a little bit in the middle of the nipple where there is some scabbing that is healing from two months ago. Is the nipple just not suited for breastfeeding? It is slighly inverted, I notice after a feeding or pumping that the nipple goes inside out and I have to pull it out straight....

    Any help deeply appreciated...I have written many times on here due to the fact that I only have a few minutes to get all my thoughts out.

    Thanks Karen

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    Maybe it is thrush..does your baby have any symptoms?
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    It might just be the feeling of let down. Sometimes that causes a burning feeling the first minute or two of a feeding and then it goes away. Unfortunately, this can last the first couple months of nursing, at least it did for me. But, it did go away eventually. But, definitely, still check out the trush possibility.
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    Hello Karen!

    Could you tell us a bit more about what you're seeing on your nipple? Is it white before feedings? After? Only when exposed to air? You mention that the nipple is inverted. Is there anything special you're doing to pull it out before feeding? Do you feel like maybe the nipple gets compressed between baby's gums on that side?

    Would it be possible for you to see a local IBCLC or your local LLL Leader?

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    That sounds like a bleb to me! They have some great resources on how to deal with blebs on the kelly mom website.

    Here's one url: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mom/nipplebleb.html

    I have had them 4 or 5 times. They hurt SOOOO much. But they do go away. THe last few have gone away on their own. With the first couple, I actively worked at taking off the outer layer of dead skin that was trapping the milk in the nipple. I used a wet warm wash cloth and wiped at it after feedings. Sometimes I would pick at it with my nail.

    Good luck!

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