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Thread: stress complicating letdown?

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    Default stress complicating letdown?

    My baby is almost 4 months old and over the past week i haven't been making as much milk as usual. i know this because when i pump it is less and he has been making less wet diapers.

    i've been feeling a bit stressed, but i kind of always am a little.. i'm wondering if anyone has any good ideas on how to relax and produce milk at the same time?

    i'm also wondering if anyone has experienced this before? I have tried pumping and nursing all day, but it isn't seeming to bring it back.

    has anyone ever tried acupuncture or something else like that?

    i'd appreciate all comments as i'm really lost and i feel that i'm getting more stressed about losing the production which is only making it worse!

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    Default Re: stress complicating letdown?

    I got a massage when I was really stressed. I find a hot bath, a cup of tea, and the smell of lavender (which I also have as a tea or in my bath) help. Have you tried a nursing tea to give your supply a little boost? Never tried accupuncture myself, but I don't think it would hurt to try!
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