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Thread: Nursing only one side

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    Default Nursing only one side

    My daughter was 5 weeks premature. After ignoring the advice from the LC I was able to get her to finally latch on yesterday and she is doing really well breast feeding. She is three weeks old and I have been pumping. She is only latching on to one side now that she is able to latch. Does anyone know how often I should be pumping the other side?

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    Hi Nicole'sMommy

    I do know that some babies are quite satisfied feeding from one side only. My daughter fed from both.

    I guess it really depends on how much you're able to supply, that your daughter is satisfied, producing sufficient wet nappies, and growing well.

    Sorry, I haven't been able to give you any definite answer, but I just wanted to say well done to you and your daughter for doing really well with breast feeding

    I'm sure someone else will be able to give you more information here.

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    The NICU nurse I spoke to said sometimes it's not that babies prefer one side, it's that they like one position. rather than flipping her to lay mirror image on the other side, just slide her over to the other breast. I personally am fearful of reduced supply, so I would pump the unused breast at least 6 times a day.

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