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Thread: My baby will only nurse when he's sleepy.

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    Default My baby will only nurse when he's sleepy.

    Not sure if anyone here had the same experience --

    When I started nursing DS everyone told me to never never nurse him to sleep because he'll never learn to sleep by himself. I just shrugged and said that I didn't mind. Well, that hasn't happened, (at least not yet), but now we have the flip side of the problem -- he would not nurse unless he's sleepy!!

    He's 5 month now. Starting at 4th month I went back to work, so he gets three bottles of EBM a day, and when I come home it's on demand. But for the last few weeks or so he really doesn't want to nurse unless he's close to falling a sleep. He kicks and twists around, and even when he seems kind of hungry he still just sucks a little and pulls out to look around. Going into a dark room doesn't help either. But if I give him a bottle of EBM then he'll suck it right down. But if he's close to falling asleep, then he can latch on and empty the breast no problem.

    So now I'm just a little worried -- I don't want it to become so much of a problem that I can't take him out and nurse him in public. And we're planning a trip to India in a month. If he won't nurse unless he's sleepy I don't know how I can nurse him on the trip, and just the thought of sterilizing pumps and bottles in India gives me a headache. Would really appreciate any suggestions and pointers.

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    Default Re: My baby will only nurse when he's sleepy.

    Sounds like you have a distractible baby...mine goes through phases like that. This page has some tips: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns...ible-baby.html
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    Default Re: My baby will only nurse when he's sleepy.

    Just support here...mine does the same thing. she is 4 1/2 mo. and has been doing this about the last month. I have been back to work since Jan. I exclusively pump now and only BF at night....
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    Default Re: My baby will only nurse when he's sleepy.

    Haha. None of the tricks for distractable babies worked for me, but I discovered a new trick. I hardly ever give him a pacifier, but now if he looks hungry but is still stubborn and won't nurse, I give him a pacifier for a few seconds, and then switch to the breast, and he latches right on. (I'm sure there will be a catch to this, and in a few weeks I might regret ever giving him a pacifier, but for now it works. >_<)

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