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Thread: which baby food processor do you own?

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    Default which baby food processor do you own?

    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping to start solids smx soon, especially bc he doesn't seem to nursing as much and I want to make sure he's getting enough in his tummy. I've heard a lot about mom's making their own baby food and using baby food processors. Which one is the best? I guess I'm looking for something that will puree foods instead of simply chopping or mincing bc when I tried to give squished veggies yesterday and he seemed to have a hard time swallowing.

    Thanks ladies!
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    Default Re: which baby food processor do you own?

    I just use my Cuisinart, its a combo blender and food processor. It works great!
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    Default Re: which baby food processor do you own?

    I have used a mini-food processor and a Braun hand mixer (not one with beaters, but rather a blade similar to a processor). I like the smoothness of the pure├ęs that the Braun makes. I have a couple of girlfriends who use food grinders and like them.
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    Default Re: which baby food processor do you own?

    I haven't tried this yet, but a friend of mine rec'd a small black & decker food processor she got at wal-mart for $10- said it works great.

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