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Thread: cluster feeding?

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    Question cluster feeding?

    What exactly is "cluster feeding" and how do I know if my 4 1/2 week old is doing this or just using me for comfort sucking?

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    Default Re: cluster feeding?

    Cluster feeding refers to a period of several hours when baby nurses almost constantly, probably spending more time on the breast than off during that period of time.

    A lot of that time may be spent "comfort sucking," which just means that baby is nursing without triggering frequent letdowns and thus isn't taking in a significant amount of milk.

    Comfort sucking is an important part of a nursing relationship -- it meets baby's need to suck (which helps a baby be soothed and calm, which is good for them overall) and it also stimulates your milk supply, which is important especially in the early weeks. Try to just nurse when your baby cues to nurse, and don't worry about whether he is getting milk during every moment at the breast. It's all good!


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