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Thread: Milk is back

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    Default Milk is back

    In a former post, I got support on having to quit nursing. It is super difficult, but I cannot risk my baby getting medicine with such a long half-life.

    Anyways, now I stopped night nursing almost 2 weeks ago and my breasts became soft and milk-less after a week of barely pumping off. I thought everything was ok- and I was relieved that I did not get Mastitis or anything.

    This morning I put him in my bed, like I would to nurse, and gave him a bottle. I woke up later with knots in my left breast and my right was leaking. I noticed the night before that they were sore, too.

    Tonight they are sore as can be- they hurt. I am not sure if I am now getting mastitis or something. Should I start pumping again or see the doctor?

    The only good thing for me is that I can still feel the oxytocin-like feeling when he drinks a bottle. And I still get to hold him close and feel like I am nurturing him. It's been very difficult since I dreamed of nursing this baby boy for as many years as he wanted.

    But if anyone knows about this sore thing, please tell me. I cannot get sick and go on antibiotics since they always ruin my digestion and it's a long haul back on probiotics.

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Milk is back

    Milk can take many weeks to completely dry up. Any stimulation to the breasts - tshirt rubbing on them, snuggling baby, etc - can encourage a letdown.

    Have you tried cabbage leaves in your bra? The coolness would probably feel good, and they help to decrease supply.

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    I have also heard that drinking peppermint tea reduces milk production.

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