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Thread: Constipated after starting solids

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    Default Constipated after starting solids

    I started rice cereal, veggies and fruits for my 6 month old daughter recently. I give her once a day. I BF her before and after an hour I give her cereal mixed in BM. Then again in the evening I give her little veggie or fruit.

    Her poop is not as soft as it used to be and she has not been having regular poops since last 2 days.

    I read that oats may be better. but meanwhile can I give her something that might ease her up? like prunes? I read couple of charts that listed prunes for babies older than 9months old.

    What else can I give her?

    I tried to skip the meal but she wanted it..made a big scene until I gave her coupla spoons.

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    Default Re: Constipated after starting solids

    You can try pears in the meantime. But what will help in the long term is to increase meat and fat intake, fermented and cultured food, and cut back on fiber/grains. www.fibermenace.com

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