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Thread: intro to solids?

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    Default intro to solids?

    So i was doing some reading today and the general consensus for what ive read is that babies shouldnt start solids(even rice cereal) until theyre six months old. My Dr. told me to start rice cereal at 4 months(which i did) vegetables at 5months, meats at 6months and fruits at 7months(so baby doesnt develop a "sweet tooth". My lil one is still breastfeeding 5-6 times per day, and ive been giving him solids no more than 3 times a day...maybe 2-3 tablespoons at a feeding...he likes all of the cereals ive tried(rice,barley and oatmeal) and has liked all of the vegetables..i tried him with some chicken and beef last week and he didnt seem to want to eat them(even mixed with veggies) and has had a few fruits(apples and bananas which he loves)...I'm wondering when everyone else started their babies with solids..and was i wrong to listen to the Dr. on starting him so early?? He also told me to start him on juice at around 3 months..which i also did and apparently from what ive read babies arent supposed to have juice until later on (past 6 months or so) Also what age are babies supposed to be using a "sippy cup" from what ive been reading they say around 5 or 6 months..my lil one cant even hold his own bottle of juice yet..i dont think he would know what to do with a sippy cup?? feeling very confused right now...

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    Sorry you've had all this confusion. Your doctor definitely is making recomendations against the American Academy of Pediatrics, which as you may have read, recommends nothing but breast milk or formula for the first 6 months.

    But, you can't go back in time, so don't worry about it. Just go forward with what makes you feel comfortable. How old is your little one now? Many people like baby led solids, but we did a lot of spoon feeding and he has done a lot of self feeding and that worked well for us.

    My son is almost 11 months and he still doesn't know how to use a sippy cup. If you hold it for him he can take a drink, but he doesn't like it. He'll hold his own bottle for the sitter, though. Don't worry about the sippy cup for now.

    I'd just take it slow if I were you. Back up a little, slow down the solids and follow your baby's lead. If they like a wholesome food, let them have that.

    And cut yourself some slack.

    And maybe get a new doc...
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    Default Re: intro to solids?

    I agree, get a new doc and keep reading.

    You're doing great!

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