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Thread: EBF and allergies

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    Question EBF and allergies

    My DD is 20 weeks old, so this is a question more for the future and I thought you smart women might know the answer. Many, many years ago (early 70’s), my sister was an LLL leader. At that time they instructed women to EBF for the first year if there was a family history of allergies.

    What I can find on the internet generally says to EBF for “at least” six months but I can’t find anything about “one year” being the goal. Has thinking on this changed over the years, or is one year still a rule of thumb?

    Does anyone know where I could find any documentation on this issue?

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    Default Re: EBF and allergies

    I don't know where there is doucmentation on it here. My breastfeeding book was put out by the American Pediactric Society and it said to breastfeed exclusively for the six months and it's best to continue for a least a year while introducing solids. What I found here was baby could be sustained completley for a year while introducing solids for fun .Way less pressure and still what's best for baby.

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    EBF for the first year is fine. My son didn't eat solids until 13 months. He's a tank. It is a great way to go, a lot of dr's are unsure because they are uneducated. When they would doubt me I would have them test his levels (iron etc.) they were always fine.


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