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Thread: Sippy or regular cup?

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    Default Sippy or regular cup?

    I always just thought I'd start DD off with a sippy cup and assumed that's what everyone did. But in one of my baby books, it says start a baby off with a regular cup. I'm not foreseeing success with that for my 5-month-old. I read that sippy cups have been believed to be linked to speech problems. I don't plan on giving her the sippy cup at will all the time, just occasionally during meals so she feels like she's more involved with mealtimes. Does anyone know about this? Am I harming my daughter if I give her a sippy cup? (I hope the answer is "no" )
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    I don't think a sippy is harmful, but its also not necessary. I know of a few babies who went straight to regular cups no problem. We do sippies because I like my kids to be able to serve themselves and I don't like cleaning up spills (ok, more spills). I leave their water on a low shelf in the kitchen and they can get it whenever they want. I know there'd be water everywhere if I was doing that with open cups. (And I'd probably be the one spilling it half the time! )
    We started DD on a regular cup at mealtimes at about 18 months. Will probably wait a while still for DS.
    I think its totally up to you which kind of cup you want to start with.
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