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Thread: When can we stop the 4 day rule?

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    Default When can we stop the 4 day rule?

    I was looking at all the foods that I can give DS and if I use the 4 day rule for each and every food he'll be well over 12 months by the time I've introduced everything . He's 8 months now.

    So I was wondering when can I stop or at least relax the 4 day rule? When did you relax it for your LO?

    Naturally, I plan on being cautious with certain foods when they're introduced (mainly the allergens) but when can I be a bit more lax with other, non-allergens?
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    Default Re: When can we stop the 4 day rule?

    I'm coming from the perspective of a mom with a LO who has food allergies. We discovered DS food allergies as he was starting solids and he didn't have any *obvious* symptoms when he was exclusively breast fed. Introducing foods one at a time was very helpful for us to immediately figure out what food DS was reacting to and be able to give very accurate info to the doctors. I found it helpful to keep a little food diary of what foods had tried.

    IMO - it's worth it to continue to wait between introducing new foods. A couple of months isn't a long time.

    Once your LO has "mastered" a food, you can give it in combination with other foods.

    For example - I prioritized introducing new foods so that I could start cooking meals that all of us could eat. So once DS was eating a couple of fruits I went to some veggies and some protein sources and some grains. Instead of introducing DS all possible fruits before moving to a new type of food.
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