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Thread: Confused!

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    Have you or baby been under the weather?
    What do the wet diapers look like, how many per day I mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2sleepy2eat View Post
    Had a weight check today. He lost 2oz. His pediatrician wants me to supplement with soy. I really don't want to give him formula. He always asks if I have enough milk. I could win a contest for milk shooting! lol
    I don't want to see his weight diminish either. Every appointment I feel as if he is pressuring me to put him on the bottle. I have a meeting with my local Le leche leader on Wensday. She happens to be the Dr. who delivered my oldest son. This is great for me, since I'm totally comfortable with her.
    His Ped. is going to recheck his weight on Thursday. Would any of you give him the supplement? He's had slight diarrhea. Maybe I'll give it to him in his cup from the hospital. I don't know!

    His weight breakdown:
    Birth 6lbs 10oz
    2wks 7lbs 2oz
    4wks 7lbs 0oz
    I personally wouldn't give any formula, just offer the breast more. Supplimenting with formula is a slippery slope, once you start it can be hard to stop. It really messes with your supply.

    I think it is great you are going to see your local LLL leader on Wednesday!!! She should really be able to help you with any problems with his latch.

    Let your lo nurse as long and as often as he wants right now. I know it can be tough because at this age that is pretty much all they want to do when they are awake, but I promise it doesnt last forever. Right now your body is trying to build/regulate your supply and the more he can nurse the better off you both will be.

    Good luck!!!! Please keep us updated on how things go after your meeting on Wednesday.
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    He has had spinach like stools. Also when he passes gas he has smears at times. About 3-4 times a day.

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