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Thread: 4 day rule and eczema....

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    Question 4 day rule and eczema....

    I started organic apples, which my son LOVES.....and waited to introduce any other food for 4 days....
    He has been struggling with rashes since his 4 mo well visit and has been rx'd many creams.
    Last week he went for his 6 mo well visit and dx'd w/ a mild form of eczema. No problem, it is managed with cream when it flares up and Balmex at every diaper changing.

    My question has to do with food reactions/allergies and eczema....are they related?
    There is no history of any allergies with the faimily or with him with any food so far.....


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    Default Re: 4 day rule and eczema....

    It's so hard to say because eczema can be caused by so many different things. It can be hereditary or caused by outside irritants or some children are just prone to eczema no matter what. But, eczema can also be triggered by food allergies. The most common is from eggs. I would just keep an eye on it and if you notice a particularly bad flare up after a certain food is given wait and try that food again. If there is another reaction, then discontinue the food for awhile.
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    Default Re: 4 day rule and eczema....

    it can be a number of things, I have had it all my life and never had a food allergy and it looks like my lo has it too! Just sensitive skin here!

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