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Thread: Mixed feelings about breastfeeding

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    Thanks Sara,
    Have read the book before but will have to read it again. My local LLL group was were I borrowed it from before, will check there. Like you said, nothing like having a copy to refer and re-refer to. Anita

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    It already sounds like you are feeling better. Hang in there, you really do sound like a great mom!

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    You have had some wonderful advice. I would also recommend re-reading Mothering Your Nursing Toddler. I am currently re-reading too

    In regards to weaning - I always say, I will give it 2 more weeks. If I still feel like weaning in 2 weeks, then I will start to slowly wean. With dd1, that never happened - she self-weaned for a Stawberry Shortcake doll at 34 mos. Dd2, never happened, weaned at 21 mos for medical reasons (mine). Dd3 and dd4, still too young to consider it. Mainly, I am saying that usually the feeling will pass, and you will love bf'ing again soon.

    Good luck.

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