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Thread: Making strange slurping sound.

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    Default Making strange slurping sound.

    I had a major oversupply and fast let down with first baby. Now I'm on number two and no oversupply ( I think "cause I started to block feed right away?), but the fast let down persists.

    About a few weeks ago my 4 mo old started kind of breaking her latch continuously while nursing. Sounds like broken suction and gets air like crazy when she does this. It's making me crazy and is making our nursing sessions complicated. She latches on great and I don't know why she almost comes off?! She doesn't always do it during a letdown either and I'm so confused? With my first when he reached four mo he started nursing like a champ! I feel like she is getting worse instead of better.

    She is growing like gangbusters so I'm not concerned about that, but I'm so frustrated , Ifeel like we should be so hitting our groove by now.

    I also noticed when I have my letdowns she turns her face away to try to get a split second breath and doesn't break latch , is that kind of the same thing?

    Has anyone experienced the same thing and know what to do?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Making strange slurping sound.

    Well, maybe she was nursing a lot in last few day or so and she upped your supply, so now you have an oversupply again. For fast letdown try to nurse her more upright, let her sit in front of you, latch her on and lean back, laying down seems to help too.
    Also, have you checked if she is teething or she has thrush? Maybe this is a problem as she is breaking the suction also at other times not only at letdown.
    Is she doing this at every nursing session?
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