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Thread: History of OALD and Preparing for Third Baby

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    Default History of OALD and Preparing for Third Baby

    Trying to get myself prepared!! I'm 6 months in to my third pregnancy (three's a charm right?)
    Anyway, with my first child, after experiencing all the classic symptoms of OALD, I was advised to do one side feedings. Lying back to feed also seemed to work the best for baby and me. Breastfeeding went on beautifully until my daughter weaned herself at 11 months.
    Baby number two came along 4 years later. Since I was in the "know", I did what I had done in the past....one side, lying back...from the start. My son never seemed satisfied...always seemed like he wanted MORE! I would try to pump and would barely get a couple ounces. This was a far different scenerio from my first child! I didn't breastfeed as long as I would have liked to....
    So, with baby three on the way and me trying to prepare, I'm wondering if with the second baby if I should have done something more to stimulate my milk supply. Should I switch breasts at feeding those first couple weeks to get things going then go to single side feedings??
    I'm having a hard time finding info on if you already know you have OALD and how to start with a new infant. HELP!

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    Default Re: History of OALD and Preparing for Third Baby

    I think that it's important to stimulate both breasts in the beginning at least until "milk comes in" and then see if one sided feeding is needed or not.
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