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Thread: Need input on morning routine.

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    Default Need input on morning routine.

    Hi evveryone.

    I've been back to work now for about three weeks, DD is almost 4 months. I have not been on time yet for work because I just can't get my morning schedule down (pumping, nursing, showering, cleaning pump, sleeping as much as possible ) ANY input would be appreciated.

    I need to be at work at 7:30, my commute is 15 minutes. I pump once at work, but she takes two bottles during the day. So far if I pump each morning before work, I end up with 2 or 3 extra bottles at the end of the week.

    Today I let her sleep and I pumped because I'd like her to get used to sleeping later in the AM for the weekends when I'm not working.

    Any input on how I could arrange things would be great.

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    Default Re: Need input on morning routine.

    I feel your pain. Although I'm jealous of your commute. Mine is about 45 minutes!

    Right now I aim to get up at 5am so that I can get myself ready, pump, feed the baby, give her vitamin and get her dressed so DF can take her to daycare when he gets up.

    And of course this 5am wake up is difficult when I've been up with her twice during the night to feed her because DF doesn't. Don't get me started on that.

    Here's what I do though. I do as much the night before as I can. All her bottles for daycare are prepared the night before. If I can, I wash my hair at night so I only have to shower in the morning. All the parts for the pump that I will need at work (bottles, etc.) are packed up the night before also.

    I also have extra parts for my pump (I'm an exclusive pumper). I have parts that I use at the house and parts for work. They were fairly inexpensive to get and well worth it. That way I don't have to worry about cleaning them in the morning. I can use the pump before work and wash those parts when I get home.

    I don't get out the door on time every morning, but I find the more you stick with a routine the faster/more efficient you will get.

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    Default Re: Need input on morning routine.

    i have almost the same routine as the above post. i also get dds clothes and my clothes ready the night before to save precious minutes. i even get the coffee ready the night before.

    but no matter how i prepare it is always a crunch and i arrive at work exhausted! and still usually a few minutes late!

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    Default Re: Need input on morning routine.

    I do as much as possible at night after ds goes to bed. Wash all the pump parts, prepare bottles, etc (when I was pumping). DH and I have always tag teamed the mornings. While I am changing diapers and nursing ds, he showers and shaves, while I am showering and getting ready, he and ds are eating breakfast and getting dressed. I leave for work and dh takes ds to the sitter. The whole routine takes about an hour. I pick up in the evenings, feed ds dinner and give him a bath before dh gets home. Then we all play and read books until bedtime at 6:30! DH and I eat dinner after ds goes to bed.

    Is there any way you could add another pump session at work? That would maybe free up some time at the house in the morning.
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