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Thread: Medela Breast pumps???

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    The Harmony is a great manual pump. It has a small lever at the top that allows you to pump fast (to initiate let-down). Then you move down to the big lever to empty the breast.

    Your WIC office might be able to provide you with a pump. That's an excellent suggestion.

    Oh, and don't forget about the best cheap pump in the world--your hands! Hand expression is easy, efficient (when you learn how) and totally FREE! If you want some info on this, let us know.

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    for me...i preferred manual expression to using a manual pump. with manual expression, i got a better yield with less work. don't rule that out as an option. there are great websites that help teach the best manner in which to manually express. i am very embarrassed to admit that i cannot remember what they are right now!@!

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    i have both the medela manual and the swing. I love them both.The 2 phase expression is awsome.I had the advant and i just didnt get the same out put as the medela.
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    What is WIC and what is BPA? I think some one in the earlier threads said that Medela's products are BPA free and Avent is not. But I don't know what that means.
    Thanks for all the suggestions though. I appreciate it!

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