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Thread: vote: are the gassy tummys from pears or yams?

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    Default vote: are the gassy tummys from pears or yams?

    So I'm slowly introducing solids to my 7 mo twins. They eat avocados, bananas, and rice cereal.

    I introduced yams, just a little bit. I thought maybe they weren't sleeping as well, but they weren't getting yams everyday, and I wasn't sure if there was a pattern. So then I introduced pears. They were then consistently getting yams AND pears every day, and started sleeping just horrible. I decided it was gas, because my girl had a couple instances were she would fall asleep nursing, then when I tried to put her down she screamed, arched, then farted and relaxed a little. Then repeated that sequence a couple times. The boy was also screaming and arching, but I didn't notice the farting (but he still might have, I don't know.)

    I wanted to sleep, not play games, so I cut both at once, and they're now sleeping better. (Not well, mind you - each still wakes up 2-4 times nightly, but better, and no screaming/arching/farting business.)

    So, I should reintroduce them one at a time and figure out for sure what's going on, right? But I'm scared. I get so little sleep already.

    I wanted the pears to help keep them regular, and the yams for all the good nutrients.

    So which do you think is the culprit? Maybe I'll just try the less likely to be gas-inducing for now....

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    Default Re: vote: are the gassy tummys from pears or yams?

    I haven't given my LO yams yet but I give him pear everyday for the same reason you mentioned and it doesn't make him gassy.

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    Default Re: vote: are the gassy tummys from pears or yams?

    Yeah, I'd pull them both and then try the yams, only, again. My money is on the pears (they're fresh??) - if not - Your guess is as good as mine
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    Default Re: vote: are the gassy tummys from pears or yams?

    My bet is the pears. When my DS was little and constipated, my PED suggested I try pears rather than prunes (less sugar) So that would make more sense to me
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    Default Re: vote: are the gassy tummys from pears or yams?

    Well i gave my lo avocado as a starter food.
    She loved it but I noticed she didnt poop the
    entire day. She seemed constipated to me.
    The next day read here that pears was a good
    way to help. I pureed some pears and within
    minutes of finishing she pooped lots. So maybe
    the combination of the 2 veggies, but pears
    have fiber.

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