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Thread: weaning is going to mean random naps!

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    Default weaning is going to mean random naps!

    Not sure about how to go about weaning my daughter that is turning 2 in a month and a half. I think that she will never wean on her own she is too attached to it. She does not have a binky or a blankie and I am a single Mom and bring her to work with me when I Nanny. The Mom I work for is having a newborn in a few weeks and I think my daughters constant want to nurse during the day is a challenge for me and I am hoping she out grows that soon. But napping is so going to be a biggie! She rather whine and be up my butt, then take a nap. I am happy to say I JUST got her to night wean a few weeks ago. I tried consitantly for months and it never worked. She would stay awake all night waiting for Mr. Sunshine to come up. She now can come in my room at night only if she is quiet and she can sleep on the mattress I put on the floor. This actually helped with her sleeping better as well, since there is no glimmer of hope that my boobie will fall out when I am sleeping(she was alway trying to pull that over on me).

    Can anyone relate or know what to do? I have started planting the idea in her head that when she turns 2 "Na nees" were going bye bye's/but it is not going to go well I am sure.
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    Default Re: weaning is going to mean random naps!

    I can totally relate to what your going thru. DD will be 2 in May and doesn't look like she's ready to give the "goods" up. I don't have any advice but want to sends many (((hugs))) your way
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    Default Re: weaning is going to mean random naps!

    its almost like she is getting a new sibbling.
    Maybe you could use some of the getting a new brother or sister ideas.
    does she still nap if you nurse he down?

    Nap and bedtime were the last nursings to go for my dd.
    And she nursed just at bedtime for at least a year.

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