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Thread: Offering banana to 4 month old to tide her over....

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    Default Offering banana to 4 month old to tide her over....

    My 4 month old is eating more during the day while I work than I'm afraid I can pump. Right now I can pump enough but some days I have to dig into my "stash". Anyway, I read on this website that the book "the womanly art of breastfeeding" said you can offer a small amount of mashed banana to the baby to tide her over until mommy can come home and nurse.

    Has anyone done this? I don't want to start solids until 6 months and I do plan on pumping some more at work, or doing power pumps on the weekends to keep my supply up, but I like knowing I have the banana option just in case.

    I gave her some banana tonite in a safe feeder and she was in love with it, but wanted to bounce the idea off some of you...


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    Default Re: Offering banana to 4 month old to tide her over....

    Personally, I waited until 6 months to intro foods. I'm also a WOHM and I have had to work at pumping so that L can eat while I'm gone. If you really want to wait until 6 months, why not try some things to increase your milk output rather than give solids? You can check out the pumping section of this forum - it has lots of advice!
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