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Thread: need help with bottle

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    Unhappy need help with bottle

    my ds is 3 months old and i will need to be away from him for 10 plus hours. I have had a horrible time with the bottle. Does anyone have any advice? I will be away next weekend so i have only 6 days to get him used to the bottle. is this hopeless? please help.....

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    Are you feeding EBM or formula?

    We did the Playtex NaturaLatch nipples w/DD - the nipple resembles the breast so they can latch on the way they do the breast.

    We did a combo of EBM & formula - but the only formula she would take is Nestle GoodStart 0 not the Supreme w/DHA&ARA's.

    HTH - I don't know what else to say w/out more info about your exact problem!

    Oh - one more thing - DD wouldn't take a bottle from me, but she'd take it from DH or MIL.

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