I had a quick question. I have noticed for a while that when my DS eats, he starts sounding congested.. which seemed odd to me cause he only sounded that way when he ate. And i had not really paid attention to the overflow of milk (as to where it was coming from) i of course thought it was from my heavy let down, it spilling out of his mouth. But last night i kept a close watch on him as he started to eat, I noticed a single drop of milk coming out of his left nostril (he was laying on his left side) , and just to be sure, i kept watching,. about 6 drops came out.

So i was just wondering if this is happening because ia m doing something worng, or does it happen from time to time?? Umm can i do something so it doesn;'t happen again. i also notice my son, "gasps" for air when he eats.. he'll suck for a few mins, then pull off "gasping" for air, he does this alot, and i thought it might be cause of my strong let down,. but i have been feeding him side laying and i thought that helped for the strong let down?? Any suggestions/advice would be much appreciated. TyVM