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Thread: a moms' favourite topic... poop!

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    Default a moms' favourite topic... poop!

    hi everybody, sorry if this post has TMI but I don't know whome else to ask...!

    my LO (10 mo) has started eating solids with more regularity and his poo has changed... at first, we had constipation problems (7 days w/o and then a big explosion of poo with pellets in it); then, we have learned to keep it at bay (although chicken is always a little blocking) with moist food and additional coconut oil (thanks Healthymama!).

    the question is: he is pooping now, almost everyday (he was a regular everyday-first-thing-in-the-morning guy before solids), but it's not fluid anymore... no pellets at all, but it's thick, like... I don't know, a bit like Play Doh...

    I am wondering if this is normal with the regular intake of solids or if it's still a sign of constipation...

    again, sorry for the detailed description but I didn't know how to ask otherwise!
    any ideas, experience?

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    Default Re: a moms' favourite topic... poop!

    thick poop, like peanut butter/play doh (i like that one!) is normal with the introduction of solids. as long as it is not pellet like, things are moving smoothly, so to speak!
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