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Thread: I am at a loss...

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    Unhappy I am at a loss...

    Okay here is my problem. Since day one I have had "milk issues". Basically I have a very slow down let down and in the evenings I never seem to have enough milk. I have tried EVERYTHING to get my milk up and its not working. So here is my question:

    My baby is 4.5 months old (so far he has been only on breastmilk) and in the evenings I cant make enough milk to feed him so is it better to give him formula or should I give him cereal with the little 2 ounces I was able to pump during the AM? I dont know what to do and I feel like such a failure. Breastfeeding is going amazing if you take out the evening hours. I just dont know what to do...

    Please no comments on how to make more milk. I am currently on reglan AND feenugreek. I have honestly tried everything!!!!!!

    PS: We gave my son cereal 3 days in a row and things actually went well but I feel sooo guilty because he is not 6 months yet...

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    It sounds like you have tried so much to make breastfeeding a success. Are you pumping 2 oz after nursing in the morning? Thats great!

    There are mixed opinions on what to do regarding early solids. I know that Dr Jack Newman encourages early solids over formula:

    If the baby is older than three or four months, and supplementation appears to be necessary, formula is not necessary and extra calories can be given to the baby as solid foods. First solids may include: mashed banana, mashed avocado, mashed potato or sweet potato, infant cereals, as much as the baby will take, and after the baby has nursed, if he is still hungry. Even at this age giving bottles when the baby is not getting much from the breast will often result in breast rejection. If you must give formula, mix it with the baby’s solids. Giving solids at three or four months if everything is going well is not recommended, and even if the weight gain is slow, there are several ways of getting the baby more breastmilk that can be tried before adding solids. Solids should normally be started when the baby is showing interest in eating solids (usually around five or six months of age).
    From Dr Newman's Protocol to Increase Breastmilk

    Have you read through his protocol? It contains some really useful information.

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    So, he is nursing directly from the tap in the evening hours? Why don't you think he is getting enough? Can you nurse him through the night to make sure he gets enough? "My Child Won't Eat!" might be helpful to you.

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    I had a similar situation happen at 4 months. My supply went down drastically because I started using a hormonal birth control. I used a bit of rice cereal with the baby to get us by until my supply came back up. It wasn't the best situation, but for us it was a better option than formula at the time. Four months is early to start solids, but it's not the end of the world and my son actually loved the cereal!

    We're now at 9 months and still breastfeeding.

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