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Thread: not enough iron in milk says doctor?

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    Default not enough iron in milk says doctor?

    my son is 6 and 1/2 months and I thought he was ready to start solids, but I noticed when he would eat them he would not go poop for sometimes three days after and I was just giving him 1/4 cup of food. We only tried some organic pumpkin and apple.and when he went it was formed poop not mushy like baby poop,like he was constpated a little.So stopped food and he seems to be satisfied with just nursing,so he must have just been going through a growth spurt. Told this to doctor and told her I was just back to straight nursing again, she says he is a little constipated cause he is not getting enough iron from my milk and that I should keep up the food the constipation from the food is due to the lack of iron? Is this true, it doesn't sound right. I usually half to give him 1oz of pear juice with 2oz of water to get him to go again when he gets constipated.

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    Breastmilk is not "low in iron;" it just doesn't have excessive iron. What's there is extremely well absorbed. Not having excessive iron (like formula does for example) is a good thing because bacteria love iron.

    It's common for babies starting solids to get a little bound up. Breastmilk is easily digested and solids are not at first. IMO a very gradual start is the way to go, backing off if the baby's system isn't tolerating it that well. Solids are really sort of just "play" at first anyway.

    This has great information on iron and breastmilk:
    Is Iron Supplementation Necessary?

    And then also this page helped me when we were starting solids:
    How do we get started with solids?

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