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    I started weaning process a month ago, but when I found out I was pregnant I decided to stop altogether. I was pumping for my baby cause he has cleft palate and cant suck.

    I pretty much stopped except to express when in extreme discomfort, this was Monday. TOday is Sat, I am still having some hard spots on my breasts, stil pain. NOT as bad. I am trying not to pump, cause I know it will only casue more milk to be made.

    Guess I am hoping it will get better soon! Any ideas if its better to pump a bit or just live thru the discomfort for a few more days hoping it will go away.


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    I am nursing 14m twin boys. We are in the early stages of weaning, very early. I used to pump 4x a day @ work. I slowly got rid of 1 every 2 weeks. Could of gone faster if it I was just producing for 1. Anyway, you can pump to ease the pressure/pain, just don't empty your breast. Because I went so slowly my pain was almost non-existent. But if your not emptying your giving your body the signal not to produce so much and gradually your body will adjust. You don't want to end up w/ a breast infection. I 've heard of using cool cabbage leaves in your bra to help ease the engorgement. Also, some women use herbs although I don't know the ifs, ands, and buts on that subject. Goodluck and Congrats!

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