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Thread: Weight Gain Fears

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    My lo was 7lb12oz at birth and dropped to 7lb 3.5oz in the next few days. He is now 13lb and 5 months old. My husband feels he needs more intake and thinks we should give him a night time bottle of formula or start him on rice cereal. So far he's been exclusively breast fed on demand. And frequently spends the night next to a boob on tap. I work full time but sometimes at home and if I do go to the office I take him in and can breastfeed at my desk. I find that if I try to pump it takes a long time to get 2 oz let alone 6oz. Much as I want to keep just breastfeeding, as I have, I worry that I'm preventing him thriving as much as he could. My ped says he is not malnourished and is healthy and we should just keep an eye on him - but I worry if he gets sick that he has no reserves. My ped also says no formula (ever - he is a strict believer in BM only) but that I should start to schedule his feeds to every 2.5 hours and not sleep with him next to my boob - and not feeding him in the night if he isn't hungry - although how to know that for sure ? My ped also said definitely no solids until after 6 months. I don't know, since he needs more weight my philosophy has been "if in doubt, breastfeed". He is very alert, active and cheerful - more than most other babies I have seen that are his age. He is really strong and toned too with all the activity he does. Advice on the most beneficial solution for him would really be appreciated. If it weren't for charts and comparisons I'd think he were just perfect. Thanks!

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    It sounds to me like your LO is doing great. Healthy and happy by your remarks, and your ped. I say follow your gut, as long as you make your ped. aware of your choices. And when you do decide to start solids, this link has so many nice, fresh recipes. Even homemade brown rice cereal!
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    I agree with Gill. Your son sounds like he's doing great, don't change a thing! Your pediatrician is not concerned, so you shouldn't worry. You're lucky to have a pediatrician who is so supportive of breastfeeding, and to have such a flexible job. Encourage your husband to wait until 6 months (just a month away!) for foods. You've gotten him this far, waiting another month will not hurt.

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