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Thread: growth spurt

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    my son is 5 weeks old, and this week he has been feeding very oddly, 5 mins every hour and then sometimes staying on for an hour.. which i understand is part of a groth spurt, and he did exact same thing at 2 weeks old, but what is different from the last time is how fussy he is, he refuses to be put down...he will last maybe 5 misn before starting to whine, and it is a whine and not an actual cry...and while he is in chair he is very fidgety, he keeps moving his legs and arms, ive taken him out and burped him, altho i do after every feed also, so i really dont think it is wind....and sometimes when he latched on for a long time, after a while he sort of pull back so then he just sucking on nipple...he will only go to sleep and stay asleep if someone is holding him, and he has even started whining in his sleep, not a long time, but once in a while he will have maybe a 5 second whine.....i just want to know if this is normal behaviour when going thro a groth spurt, as i say, the last time, he had the same feeding pattern but none of the other behaviour he has this time.....he is also not staying asleep for very long at all, it used to be during day he would have a fair few long naps then be awake all evening, now he has maybe 20 mins evey now and then, so im thinking maybe he is getting too tired also?
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    Default Re: growth spurt

    It may be time to look into a wrap or sling! I remember feeling like i couldn't get off the couch unless someone came over to hold the baby! I got a Moby Wrap and proceeded to meet his needs "hands free" from about 8weeks until I couldn't
    hold him all day at 26lbs which was 10months!!! I still wore him but 10 months was when I broke down and bought a stroller!
    But the wrap was very very helpful!!!

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    my lo did something similar, she would cry/scream until she was up over your sholder... i thought that we were only going to be sleeping siting up for ever!! but it didn't last. it sounds like your lo is possibly sleepy... have you tried a sling or carrier? that might make him feel better, being close to you and you may be able to get something done

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