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Thread: Are anti-inflamitory meds ok?

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    Default Are anti-inflamitory meds ok?

    So I broke my foot and I want to be sure that pain meds and anti-inflamitory meds are okay to take. My doc didn't seem to even worry about the effects it could have on my lo. His quote "Aww hell, I gave'em to my wife". What do you think??

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    Default Re: Are anti-inflamitory meds ok?

    Here's kellymom on pain meds:http://www.kellymom.com/health/meds/pain-meds.html

    What drugs did they give you? I'm sure someone here with Dr Hale's book can look them up for you. Or call your LLL leader. I called mine 4 times one day when I was in the hospital and they kept giving me different stuff.

    Hope your foot heals quickly and that you are not in too much pain!
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    Default Re: Are anti-inflamitory meds ok?

    For reference Dr. Hale's website: http://neonatal.ttuhsc.edu/lact/index.html

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    Default Re: Are anti-inflamitory meds ok?

    We can help you look up information on the medications you're taking. You can either post the names here, or PM them to me.

    Wishing you a speedy recovery!

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