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Thread: Can't eat what foods as of 1

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    Question Can't eat what foods as of 1

    Could someone please send me a link or some info. on what foods my DD age 1 still cannot eat? I find different books say totally different things. Thanks

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    I don't have any links, but we just went for dd's 1yr check up. The dr said EVERYTHING is okay to eat now. Just be on the lookout for allergic reactions when giving new foods like peanut butter, fish, strawberries, etc.. he said the only thing to worry about now is the size of food so it is not a choking hazard.

    Hope that helps!
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    We're avoiding Peanut Butter until age 2. I believe the more a child is exposed to it under the age of two the higher the chance of developing an allergy to it.

    Oh also we avoid refined sugar, food dyes, MSG, all of those really dangerous food additives.
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    I've even read recommendations on waiting for peanut/pb until 3. I've also read that no matter the age of the child, probability of reaction to any food depends much on whether the parents of the child have food allergies. They don't necessarily have to be the same kinds of food. My main source of info also says for young children to avoid certain types of fish such as shark, swordfish, king mackerel, and tilefish.
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