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Thread: "Hey, where'd my boob go?"

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    Default "Hey, where'd my boob go?"

    So, I'm feeding Mr. Drew Baby (that is his full name, BTW) and he falls asleep just lounging there. Slowly, he comes off and falls into the deep sleep where I know I can put him down. All of a sudden, he begins to suck in his sleep so I freeze and then he wakes up. He furrows his brow, narrows his eyes and looks up at me. Now I don't have ESP or anything, but at that moment, I will swear in court my kid was sending me a message, "Where the hell did my boob go, woman!"

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    Besides the problem that we're having lately, I expect my son does the same thing. Occasionally, when I'm with him while he sleeps he'll turn in his sleep and root on the mattress. I'm pretty sure that it's when he does this and I'm not there that the fact that he can't find the boob in his sleep is what wakes him up. They're demanding little things, know what they want, when they want and they expect you to provide it immediately.
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    DD does this to as we co-sleep and the only time she nurses is at night. I think this is what she was doing when she first realized she could roll over.
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    Ha ha! The way you descibed that face! I f my son falls asleep in his car seat and then wakes up in, say, the grocery store - that's the face I get. Like,"hey, I didn't fall asleep here!".
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    Oh yes, the "If looks could kill" look..lol!
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