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Thread: 8 month old starting to bite

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    Default 8 month old starting to bite

    I have an 8 month old baby boy who on occasion likes to try out his new bottom teeth on my nipples. It doesn't happen all the time, just on occasion. Recently, he bit so hard that he broke the skin... ouch! I have had a wonderful breastfeeding relationship with him with no problems thus far. How do I successfully "train" him to not bite down? Every time I feel teeth I gently say "no teeth", unlatch him, and relatch... but I've seen no change in behavior. I've been doing this "routine" now for at about 5 weeks.

    His last bite is troubling since it did break the skin. It's actually too painful for me to nurse on that side. The bite mark keeps getting re-opened everytime he nurses. He hasn't taken a bottle to date (not that I've tried really hard to give him one though). Will he get enough nutrition if I just nurse him on one side? He usually get's very upset when I don't nurse him on both sides...

    So my troubles are two-fold. How do I get him to stop biting, so I don't get another painful bite mark that keeps me from using that nipple. And how do I manage feeding him in the meantime while I'm trying to heal the painful bite mark on my right nipple??

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    Default Re: 8 month old starting to bite

    MY eight month old bites everything and everyone except the breast. I think he knows better. But the pinching............... it makes me tempted to stop breastfeeding.


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    Default Re: 8 month old starting to bite

    one idea is to actually wait a few minutes before latching him back on or even stop feeding him when he bites and try again later. go to kellymom.com there's lots of ideas on how to stop biting.

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    Default Re: 8 month old starting to bite

    I didn't go through that situation until my baby was past his first b-day, and I feel your pain.

    This what I did for my nipple when he cut my skin, I made sure I put lansinoh after every feeding and it helped with the pain, I nursed him more often on my other breast and left the one that hurt for when he was very tired like for a nap or to go to sleep and night and I pretty much nursed him on that one all night so it would drain well, that worked for me. I wouldn't recommend to stop nursing on the hurting side, it will get engorged and it will hurt more.

    For the biting, do as pp said. If he started to get playful with the nipple I would remove him and continue much later, I will usually would offer him something cold to bite on, like a teether or I use pop-sicles (of course I didn't open it), it did the trick most of the time.

    The "no biting" thing didn't work for him and I even tried what I read in a book that said to press the baby nose against the breast forcing him to let go of the nipple, but that was fun for him.

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    Default Re: 8 month old starting to bite

    Quote Originally Posted by JamieMama
    How do I get him to stop biting, so I don't get another painful bite mark that keeps me from using that nipple.
    I have a now 8 month old. Last month she was really into biting. It got so bad that I was afraid to nurse her. She really hurt me one time because I pulled away as she bit. I ended up with a cut where her teeth bit and a scrap down the entire length of my nipple where I pulled her off of me.

    What worked for us to stop the biting was for me to push her into me when she would bite. I would leave my hand on her head ready and waiting. When I would push her head into me, my breast would plug her nostrils and she would be forced to release the bite in order to breath. I did this for a day straight and the biting stopped and hasn't happened since. I also had to listen to her though. I think that she was trying to tell me that she didn't was to nurse or that she was done with that nursing session. I made sure that I didn't try to nurse her in a busy setting and instead offered her food when we were out and about. I hope this helps you and your little one. Good Luck.

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