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Thread: Dealing with constant constipation HELP!!!

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    When we first introduced BLS, my son had issues with constipation too. It took a while to find a balance of foods and water which worked, and which foods helped to move things along for him. Like pears, melons, watermelons, and just adequate amounts of water.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mamato2 View Post
    call me dumb but what are probiotics?? and where do i get them/it ect
    Its the live and active cultures that are in yogurt.. The good bacteria that everyone needs in their guts. They sell them for infants.. its usually a powder that you keep in the fridge and can mix with food.

    That is an example of the ones on amazon. I got mine at a health food store.

    They are also used to treat thrush..
    here is some info from kellymom about them...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ's Mom View Post
    And on the prune thing....Most P fruits Pears work nicely too and are easy to work regularly into diet. As are PLUMS(Prunes before they become prune) and I believe peaches work as well. So it's not just prunes that move things along!HTH!
    We made pears part of ds's daily diet (or almost daily). They've been a godsend. Something that ds loves is to chew on pears in the mesh teether. I've also found that butternut squash helps keep things moving for my son. My dh likes to give ds bananas b/c ds likes them so much, but they constipate him. We used to give prune juice for constipation, but they create excess gas, among other things.
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