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Thread: Doesn't like anything but rice cereal

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    Default Doesn't like anything but rice cereal

    Hi everyone. I've been MIA for a while cause this little one is keeping me busy. Hope everyone is doing okay. I had a question though. My dd seems to only like rice cereal, we've tried a couple other things but she just spits them out. She chows down on her cereal though. Should I just leave it alone for another couple weeks or keep trying stuff?

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    Have you tried mixing new things into her rice cereal a little bit at a time?

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    Hi, My lo went thru a stage like that. Just keep trying a little at a time. You could also mix some other food in with the cereal like fruit or veggies puree etc.. I did that for awhile and it worked geat. Sometimes it just takes awhile for them to get use to new foods but definally keep trying.
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