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Thread: new here! solids confusion!

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    Default new here! solids confusion!

    hi all - just going to jump on in - our baby is newly 7 months old - we started solids a few days after he turned 6 months old... I'm confused as to how often and how much he should be eating. He is not sleeping thru the night anymore, (and did from about 3 months till about 5) and I'm just wondering if maybe he's hungry?? asking about it on another forum, a lot of moms told me their babies (not sure how many BF) were/are eating much more than my little guy at this age -
    he has one solid meal a day - about 2 tablespoons (measured dry) of rice cereal and about 1/3 - 1/2 of a stage 1 veggie, or sometimes a fruit... he nurses frequently, and is somewhat of a "snacker" - he is very interested in what is going on around him these days!
    anyway - should he be eating more than one meal? I'm worried he might be hungry! any advice would me much appreciated from other BF moms...

    we go in for his 6 mo appt this week (yes, a month late )- we had to switch to Kaiser recently and had trouble getting an appt) so I will also ask about it then too, obviously - I know Breast Milk is the most important thing for him right now, but just wanted to make sure the reason he is waking so much at night isn't b/c he needs more solids... He is a pretty big guy, I estimate about 20 lbs now... has always been on the 90-95th%tile of the charts.... Thanks!

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    Default Re: new here! solids confusion!

    How are his diapers? Is he gaining/growing?

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    I know every baby is diff, so Ill just share why my little one eats/consumes..

    she is 6.5 mo and weighs prob close to 17 lbs. She eats a whole jar of stage 1 fruit with up to 2-3 TBS (dry/eye-ball it) of oatmeal for breakfast and same quantity for dinner but just replace the fruit for a veggie and oatmeal for barley. But lately I have been giving her a whole jar of veggie and whole jar of fruit for dinner instead of the cereal!

    My dr at the last visit was the one that helped me realize she could def take more, I was giving her 1/2 jar at a sitting and he said she is ready for stage two jars. But I wanted to go more slow (4 days of stage ones-one at a time-to see if any allergies) SO that is when I uped to a whole jar and cereal at a sitting


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    any stress?
    Sometimes babies will nurse more at night when they are under stress.

    here a little blip form that page:
    Most of the literature I've read on starting solids seems to have been written on the assumption that baby will be weaned (or mostly weaned) between 6 and 9 months. The relatively large amounts of solids suggested early on are simply not consistent (for most babies, at any rate) with keeping breastmilk primary in baby's diet for the first 12 months, as is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics and breastfeeding experts worldwide.

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