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Thread: How to Carry all the Gear!?!

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    Default How to Carry all the Gear!?!

    I need to carry my PIS Medela Breast pump, a laptop, and the bottle cooler each time I go to the office. I ride the metro and ideally would like to walk the mile to the station to get my exercise in.

    But I don't have a bag that fits all the gear! Right now, I need to carry 3 separate bags! Has anyone else found something that fits laptop and breastpump? Thanks for your thoughts!!!


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    Default Re: How to Carry all the Gear!?!

    Some mothers take the motor itself out of the pump bag, and tuck the motor and the cooler into a backpack-type bag. There are also some really big laptop bags, made to hold two laptops, one on each side. If it all fits right, you could put a laptop and charger on one side, and the pump motor and cooler on the other.

    If your motor doesn't come out of the PIS bag, isn't there a spot for the cooler in it? Can you stuff your cooler bag in there?

    Do you use your pump at home? Or can you make do with a manual pump at home, leaving your PIS at work? One less thing to carry that way.
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    Default Re: How to Carry all the Gear!?!

    That was my suggestion, can you leave the majority of the pump at work and just cart the cooler/accessories back and forth?

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    Default Re: How to Carry all the Gear!?!

    it might not work with your work attire but a good sized backpack might do the trick? or maybe some sort of smaller duffle bag that it would all fit in?

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    Default Re: How to Carry all the Gear!?!

    I leave my pump at work, including the accessories. I just wash them in the sink or take them home if they look like they need it. I just bring the bottles back and forth in my purse.

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    Like previous posters I mostly left the PIS at work. A couple of times I had to bring the pump, a cooler, and my laptop to a day-long conference or meeting. Then I slipped the laptop into a Timbuk2 sleeve and everything but the pump into a big tote bag (also by Timbuk2 because I like them). That was one heavy bag but then I only had 2 bags.

    And while we are leaving things at your office can you leave the laptop too? I am hoping you have an office that is the same every day.

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