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Thread: What is going on?

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    Question What is going on?

    I thought we had weaned from day feedings, but now my dd has picked them back up and when I refuse she throws a huge fit refusing to sleep or eat reg. food. How am I ever going to get my baby weaned...I have tried everything I can think of and nothing works. She is nursing probably three times or more during the day and probably 6 or more times at night. Shes 14 mos. old and co-sleeps. I tried weaning her back in December and then I tried again in Feb. and I always began with the daytime feedings. Do you think I should try nighttime weaning first instead and continue to nurse during the day...and if so, how do i go about it? I've tried the gordon's method with no success and lots of crying (the I'm going to die if you don't bf me cry), i've tried to get her to sleep in her crib...but she won't have that at all. I've even tried to decrease my milk supply with no success what so ever. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!!

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    Try the lest important bf sessions first.

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