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Thread: Make up my mind....

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    Is it common for older nurslings to drop a nursing and then pick it back up a day or two later? My 17 month old did this last week with her first thing in the morning nursing. She skipped it for 2 days and then went back to expecting it every morning like she had never missed one. She skipped her evening feeding tonight, but my guess is this was just a one time thing.

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    My 2 yr old DS does this to this day. Completely normal.
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    Yes it happens all the time with us.

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    I also think it`s completely normal. But my little guy never misses a beat...

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    My DS (he's almost 20 months) nursed very little all weekend long. A couple of minutes here or there, but not very much at all. Starting first thing this morning, he's been nursing like it was a year ago.
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    Nursing picks up for us again when my daughter is ill or catching something as well...

    She's 3.

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    My LO dropped his evening feed a few months ago of his own accord, but started it again when he caught a cold. And now I can't imagine him going to bed without 'kikis' (milkies), he starts asking for it as soon as he gets out of the bath and I have to remind him: bath, diaper, pajamas, then kikis!

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