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Thread: Why exactly can't a 10 month old have cows milk?

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    Question Why exactly can't a 10 month old have cows milk?

    My supply is slowly dropping and my pumping can't keep up with what AJ drinks during the day with the sitter. I'm only at work 2 days a week and my supply seems to meet his needs on the other 5 days a week. But, now I'm looking at supplementing 2 bottles a week. I read the back of the formula can and it is 99% non fat milk, oil, whey and lactose. So, if a can of formula is mostly cow's milk anyway, why can't I just give him cow's milk? I understand that if he was on a diet of solely formula he would need all the extra vitamins and minerals, but he nurses fabulously and he's a great solids eater. So, other than because the doctor's say so, why exactly can't my 10 1/2 month old have cow's milk?
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    Smile Re: Why exactly can't a 10 month old have cows milk?

    I went through this with my 8 mo foster daughter. Dr said that there is too much sodium, and maybe other things in cow's milk for a baby's kidneys to process.

    However, I found that she couldn't keep formula down all the time, lots of spit up. She could keep cow's milk down just fine, so I switched her to diluted cm with a half teaspoon of white karo syrup.
    Another mom told me about this. When she weaned, her kids couldn't take formula.

    Another thing, you know you can't give them honey until they are two? Has a bacteria in it harmful to little ones. Thought someone might see this and want to sub honey for karo.
    Ask the dr-- they might tell you this, or some other reason.


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    Default Re: Why exactly can't a 10 month old have cows milk?

    In formula I believe the dairy is broken down to make it easier to digest. Also, like PP said, cow's milk is high in sodium and is hard for babies' tummies to digest.

    If he is doing really well on solids, are those extra two bottle even needed? Do you think your childcare provider is offering too much milk? What if you made smaller bottles of breastmilk to stretch it throughout the day?

    Just trying to offer some ideas
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    Default Re: Why exactly can't a 10 month old have cows milk?

    I haven't read the replies. I just wanted to add that when I wasn't keeping up with DD's demand during the day, I went and researched on kellymom.com. That convinced me that it was a problem of overfeeding. We switched to the super slow flow nipple (Breastflow bottles worked for us) and made sure that the babysitter was observing the bottlefeeding guidelines (here). That, along with some tweaks in pumping routine turned it around for us. From then on I was pumping almost twice what she was drinking. Good luck to you!

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