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Thread: Not eating???

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    Question Not eating???

    My DD will be 1 on Wednesday. We are still BF and plan to continue until whenever! Lately she hasn't been eating solids hardly at all. Breakfast is a joke then lunch hardly at all so I think dinner she will eat more and she doesn't. She will start to eat in her high chair then half way through she's pointing to my boobs because she wants her milk. It is soooo funny and it's a new thin here...her telling me when she wants milk...which I think is absolutely precious!!! But she sits there and goes "uh uh uh " and will cry if I tell her to finish eating. If I take her out to have milk she drink a second then stops. How much shoudl she be eating ? Is it okay to just let her get down as I don't want to force her? Also she eats pretty much everything by herself...picking it up. Should I also be feeding her bites too? So confused here!

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    Everything is good mama! Toddlers (she's a toddler Wednesday!) are famous for being picky, and around one year lots of babies start to slack off a little on eating. This is because they are also past the point of packing on serious weight - all babies are different, but most really slow down.
    Let her eat what she wants, encouraging self feeding is great and you let her make the decision about what to eat, you just offer healthy choices. Aim to give her lots of variety (easier said than done!) and let her eat till she says she's full. Trust in her ability to tell you when that is!
    This is the great thing about continuing to nurse, you can rest assured that they are getting something good to eat everyday!
    Dr Sears has some good toddler eating tips (non LLL source)

    Great job mama!!!
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    for your almost 1 year!!!!!!!!!!! WOW!
    BTW- from Swansea, MA not to far from ya!

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