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    Hello Ladies,

    I know this is not a conventional question. Perhaps a bit embarrassing
    but unfortunately I don't have insurance and I was hoping someone
    else had this issue. I have a minor vaginal yeast infection and of course
    since I am nursing I am not sure what is safe for the baby. While I know
    I cannot substitute opinions here with physician opinions but I wanted to ask anyway. Which medication is nursing mom friendly?

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    i'm certainly no doctor, but i believe that over the counter products are safe while bf'ng. they are safe while pg too! you can also use probiotics. hth
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    I would call the nurse line where you had your baby and ask to be certain whatever you take is safe. I eat yogurt (regular old Yoplait, cherry flavor) and that helps stave off infections for me. I bet it would help me if I already had one as well. It helps keep my body in balance chemically. Your local pharmacist is a great person to call as well. I call mine all the time!!!
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    you can buy monistat over the counter and it should be safe while breastfeedin since i know its safe while pregnant

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    Probiotics and cut out all sugar/refined carbs. You can actually use plain yogurt directly on it, as well as inserting garlic cloves. HTH!

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