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Thread: HELP-Why won't she suck???

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    Default HELP-Why won't she suck???

    DH and I have been trying to get DD to take a bottle since about 5 weeks. Still no luck and she is 9 weeks old. I need to go back to work in August and am getting very concerned that she won't eat if I'm not around. I've been trying different nipples with no luck. She will open her mouth and let me or DH put the nipple in but she won't suck. She looks at us like we're nuts! Sometimes she will chew on the nipple. MIL used to be a NICU nurse and suggested to push up on her chin. That got her to take 2 sucks but then she screamed. She won't suck on a pacifier either. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how I can get her to suck on the bottle?? TIA

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    Default Re: HELP-Why won't she suck???

    Hi Mommylisa:

    All I can say is BEEN THERE and I feel your pain We had to try several different nipples and finally dd decided she would tolerate (and I really mean only tolerate) the Playtex nipple. I've had to leave her a couple times w/ my older daughter and she tells me dd just played with it (chews it, licks it). When she's hungry enough she will take it. I think she just gets herself satisfied (not so starving) and then spits it out again. I'm going to have to go to work soon myself and am worried. She's 4.5 months old now and I think I've finally decided we're just going straight to sippy cups instead of a bottle. It's not worth the tears.

    Also, I'm not sure if you or your husband or someone else is offering the bottle. I've heard someone other than the mommy should try, but this didn't work for us either. She takes the bottle best from me. I think it's just the way I hold her. Who knows Not much help I know, but hang in there and keep trying.

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