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Thread: Need advice on when to add solids to morning schedule?

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    How about playing with her and distracting her upon wake up and delaying the feeding for a few minutes to give her a better feed? Maybe the breakfast meal whatever you decide will help her fill up? Agree with PP re cheerios. Maybe you could put her in her highchair with some cheerios and pump? Then you could use the milk for the cereal and or sippy cup trials? I do that except I pump the night before. Either way your body will adjust to whatever changes you make and maybe she will make her first feed larger. . .Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by abaker89 View Post
    I am at home, my problem is that she only nurses very briefly right when she wakes and then wants to nurse a lot more an hour later. I am very full from overnight and I want to be sure she eats the 2nd time but also have time for solids so I didn't know where to fit them. I don't know why she doesn't nurse fully right away. I'm sure she is hungry after 11 hrs w/o food!
    my dd does the same thing... eats for like 5 min when she first wakes up.. I think she is to interesting in things.. and then shortly after maybe 1 hour or 45 min later she wants to nurse again.... which I am happy about because I am super full too!! She eats some dry cereal or oatmeal in between too

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    Thanks, I think she wants to play too so she only nurses briefly. The ther thing I am just realizing is that she has thrush. My nipples broke out in a rash over the weekend. I think her change in nursing habits form a month ago are due to her mouth being sore. They also say it causes gas. So we will be treated and see if it goes away. This morning, my dh gave her tylenol and i fed her about 10 min later and she ate much better, I really think her poor little mouth hurts. SHe has no white stuff in it though so it was not obvious till I came down with symptoms. Thanks again for all your help!
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