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Thread: Dropping a feeding - how long for fullness to adjust?

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    Default Dropping a feeding - how long for fullness to adjust?

    A little background... Ds is now 13 1/2 months old. I work fulltime outside the home and pumped during the work day until ds was about 11 1/2 months old and have always nursed on demand when we were together. I am proud to say that ds has never had a drop of formula. He started drinking cow milk (with pediatrician's go ahead) during the day when I quit pumping with no problems. I never really thought about extended nursing, but here we are. I am just going along with baby led weaning for now. Until this week, ds was nursing only in the morning and before bed. Tuesday, ds just simply decided that he would rather read books than nurse in the morning and that was that. He hasn't showed any interest in nursing in the morning since then. I haven't had any real engorgement per se, but I am rather full (and somewhat uncomfortable) by the late afternoon. How long before my body adjusts?

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    Default Re: Dropping a feeding - how long for fullness to adjust?

    From what I've read, I think it can be up to about 2 weeks for a 'full' adjustment, though you may start feeling gradual changes sooner than that. In the meantime, you can hand express to relieve the pressure and fullness. As long as you don't stimulate enough to cause a let-down, your body won't be getting the message that it needs to make milk, you'll just be getting the relief you need!
    Good luck,

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