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    Question just want to make sure...

    i just starting going back to work this past wednesday and so far so good w/ the pumping and supply i THINK. here's some info:
    -i pump 2x/day for 15 minutes about every 3 hours as that is all i think i can manage consistently and i work a 40-hour week.
    -i feed my daughter twice before i go to work in the morning and once i get home to keep up w/ my typical 7x/day routine and it seems to work. of course i BF her as usual after that while at home. this was also recommended to help keep my supply up.
    -i pump about 3 oz./session and assume that is what she takes in a feeding. i've never figured out how much she takes when she BF's since i never did a full session of pumping while at home w/o her BF prior to me pumping. that was for storage purposes b4 i went back to work.

    -is 3 oz. considered okay for her? it seems low compared to when i ask other moms who have BF'd. my DH who has been caring for her while i'm at work said one day she didn't finish the bottle in one feeding but yesterday seemed to want more.
    -i seem to have let-down once every 5 minutes totaling the 3 oz. in 15 min. should i be having more when pumping in a session?
    -what is considered a "low supply"?
    -is it normal for a BF'd baby to be pooping 3x or less in a day?
    -basically, how do i know if my baby is eating enough while i am gone?
    -does the amount what she needs ever increase as she gets older?

    as u can tell, i'm all over the place w/ stuff since my mind is overwhelmed right now. i always worry about decreasing my supply since getting back to work and her ending up underweight. she's a small baby as it is but her dr. said as of her 2-month appt. that her weight (9lbs. 6oz.)was good compared to the "curve" and she was doing well. she was born @ 7lbs. 6oz. BTW. any input would be greatly appreciated!!
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    Default Re: just want to make sure...

    First of all congrats on the new addition!!!

    OK, a lot of the pumping thing is personal. I had to pump 5 x a day, 3 at home and 2 at work to get enough. BUT that was me. Anyhooo...3 oz is good right now as long as baby is getting 1-1.5 oz per hour you are apart. Look for 5-6 wet diapers a day and nurse as often as baby wants pooping can vary depending on the effeciency of the baby's digestion i believe. Be warned of reverse cycling. That is where baby sleeps more during the day bacuse you are separated and wakes to nurse at night when your close. I lived through it with a comfy chair....lots of hours logged in that chair, most of which I was a sleep for.

    the worst thing I did to my supply was use my freezer stash for tw weeks. I gave baby more than I was getting by doing that, therefore telling my body I didnt need as much...that became a struggle. The freezer stash should be used for the first day and in emergencies. My son peaked at about 16 oz at day care, but that was at 6 months and he was not on solids at that point. The amount might increase, but each child is different and I am not well educated there.

    HTH good luck you can do it!!!!

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