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Thread: Refussing bottle

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    I just started back to work on Wednesday. My baby is almost 3 months old and has been taking one bottle of expressed milk per dad with dad without difficulty. Then this week happened. Grandparents are watching baby and stated that he is crying and fussing when ever it is time to eat. Grandma said he took a total of 8 ounces over a 9 hours. He usually breastfeeds every 2-3 hours during the day. The last two days he has nursed more frequently and for longer period of time. Any suggestions on how to get baby to eat from the bottle. It just breaks my heart to hear that he has been upset during feeds, especially since he seems to really like to eat!
    Thanks for any suggestions.

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    http://www.lowmilksupply.org/nipples.shtml maybe its about some nipple confusion. How often are they offering milk, how do they hold him? Cold or warm? Upright or laying in lap? Baby being held lots? Tried having your mother wear one of your shirts so she "smells" right? Rocking chair? Type of bottle and tip used?
    If baby is nursing more when you are around it means he isn't fooled by the bottle and know who his mommy is. Smart little baby!

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    I am sorry to hear that your little one is refusing the bottle. I have a 6 week old and am returning to the office on Monday. I have been pumping for 3 weeks now and began introducing the bottle 1.5 weeks ago. He too is refusing the bottle. We have tried 4 different style nipples and he will not accept any. I am extremely nervous that he will not eat while I am away. I left him alone with my husband and a freshly pumped bottle the other day and all the baby did was cry for 3.5 hours...he absolutely refused the bottle.

    I am anxiously awaiting suggestion for us new moms transitioning.

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    My son all of a sudden started to refuse his paci and bottles. He's BF all the time, but once or twice a week, I try to leave the house and DH would feed him. It was suggested to me by an LC at WIC to try to have him drink expressed milk out of a sippy cup. I think I'm going to try this. Maybe it would work for your LO?
    ...wow, I can't believe we've been
    for 10 months!

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