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Thread: cleaning teeth?!

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    Default cleaning teeth?!

    i have been wondering if i should be brushing or cleaning LO's teeth. he is almost 1 and is eating more and more solids, and still breastfeeding. he has six teeth now. it seems logical that plaque would build up on those teeth since they are growing out and since he eats food that we basically eat.

    i am wondering i was supposed to start doing this a while ago?!

    and how do i do it? baby toothbrush? cloth? any suggestions on how many times and what's the best way to do it? i tried wiping his teeth today w/a soft, wet cloth and he bit me - hard - a couple of times.

    anyway, any suggestions/insight would be great.


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    Default Re: cleaning teeth?!

    your fine. I just got my lo a tooth brush. I let her chew on it and I got her some baby tooth paste. I dont think you need the paste but definitely start wiping the tooth when possible with a wet cloth or tooth brush. I think water is fine.
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    Default Re: cleaning teeth?!

    my lo only has 2 teeth.. she has a nice baby tooth brush.. I try to brush her teeth for a few sec and then just give her the brush to chew on etc while i brush my teeth in the morning. No paste, just water

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